Ways to Save Money on AC Bills

With all of us trying to scrimp and scrape a little to save money, it's important that you can minimize costs throughout the home to make the bills as little as possible. However, for many of us the price of air conditioning is only going on. With the AC unit on for longer, it uses more power and costs you more money. However, there are ways to keep the costs down around the home, to make sure that your AC is not costing you more than it should be.

Cook outside - When the weather is nice enough that it requires an AC unit to be on, then you should consider cooking outside. Not only do you get natural, free ventilation as you cook, but you will save money on bills as the temperature in the kitchen will not be soaring higher, forcing costs up.

Alter the setting - Make sure that you dictate the power your AC runs at, at all times. If you are going out, then turn it to Low. Many of us turn the AC off, but the humidity and heat when you get back is going to be so high you will use more power putting the AC back on at a high setting to combat the new heat.

Energy saving - Try and cut back on the energy using equipment in the home like computers and light bulbs, or replace them with more energy efficient equivalents. Swap your light bulbs for fluorescent equivalents because they use less energy.

Insulation - Making sure you have insulation is important, because the hot air will be kept out by proper insulation. This means you will spend less energy keeping the hot air out.

Roofing - The quality of your roofing may be affecting your energy bills. Adding reflective covers onto your roof will help stop the heat from getting in, thus meaning you will be spending less money on AC usage.

Blinds and curtains - A good way of keeping hot air out is to have blinds and covers. This will stop the sunlight from getting in. This means that less heat will build up in the room itself, which in turn can help to keep your entire home cooler. This means that you will have to run the air conditioner for shorter stretches of time. Especially during the day and when you are out, close the windows and cover them to allow for containment of the hot air, leaving your room nice and cool and thus meaning you do not have to put the AC on as soon as you come home.

Table fans - These low energy-using fans are very good for keeping a room nice and cool. You should invest in a few of them and place them around your home. An energy-efficient fan will keep you cool. It also helps you because they sit on or in the table, meaning you can keep everyone around the table ventilated and cool. The use of table fans and similar products can help reduce AC costs, as they require less energy to run.

Power strip - Using a power strip can help you mitigate energy costs heavily. Even if not being used, any appliance attached to a power source is using energy, so lower energy output and unplug equipment that is not being used. Having an extension cable - or a power strip - can help you take everything on or off at once.

Overall, there are lots of ways to keep the costs down in your home, if you use the methods above you will find you energy bills will go down, without giving up on quality of living.


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