You Won’t Believe These Satanists’ Sick Plans for Christmas Eve

Satanists plan to pour costume blood over a statue of the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve in Oklahoma City. The public desecration received a permit from City Hall and is scheduled to take place in front of St. Joseph Old Cathedral, a historic Catholic Church located in downtown Oklahoma City.

Adam Daniels, who held a satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma last year, told The Oklahoman that he intends to use fake blood “to add another layer of corruption to Mary, which is an emblem of the Catholic Church.”

In response, Catholics are calling mayor Mick Cornett to revoke the permit issued to the satanic group. “This public attack against the Mother of God should be called out for what it really is: religious persecution,” said Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) spokesman, John Ritchie. “Instead of feeding the flames of this new religious persecution, City Hall should revoke the permit immediately.”

“When U.S. soldiers defaced a Muslim book, government officials harshly penalized them,” Ritchie noted. “If someone were to request City Hall for a permit to pour pig grease on the Koran and burn it in front of the Oklahoma City mosque, would the permit be issued, as long as they swept up the ashes? However, in this case, government officials are permitting a public attack on Christians. When will the screaming double standard end?”

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