World War III is shaping up in Syria right now, thanks to Barack Obama.

According to Russian Sen. Igor Morozov, Beijing has agreed to dispatch naval forces, including an aircraft carrier, to Syria alongside a Russian military force that will join Hezbollah and Iranian army regulars in Syria, an immediate neighbor to the north of Israel, and Iraq to fight ISIS.

Now this is both good news and bad news:

Good news: Somebody’s got to fight ISIS. And it’s clearly not going to be the U.S. under Barack Obama. Somebody’s got to soundly defeat and destroy ISIS. And that’s clearly not going to be the U.S. while Obama’s around.
Bad news: It’s going to be a coalition of Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah in the Middle East – something that sounds vaguely out of the worst apocalyptic visions of John the Revelator.
Obama has left this vacuum wide open for two powerful, nuclear nations to bring the U.S. down – one or both of which was responsible for the greatest act of cyberwarfare in the history of the world against the U.S., hacking into government computers and getting data on every past and present federal employee, including spies and military personnel, just months ago.

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