Why You Should Pay Careful Attention to the Book of Revelation in This Hour

In the book of Revelation, the Lord Jesus gives John a vision of heaven. It’s a vision of comfort and encouragement for everyone who is burdened by the sufferings of this life.

I guarantee you won’t be bored in heaven. You won’t be floating on the clouds, strumming a harp for eternity. Heaven will be filled with all the excitement and love you could ever want.

But because heaven can give us so much hope, Satan is fighting hard against it. Satan was thrown out of heaven; he will never be allowed back in. So he’ll do everything he can to kill that hope within us.

You can see Satan’s strategy playing out in our country today:

In February 2015, Salon posted an article called “Ten Reasons the Christian Heaven Would Actually be Hell.” The writer explains, wrongly, how boring and bland heaven will be.

Article here