Why We Can’t Ignore the Bible Jesus Read

In his book The Bible Jesus Read, best-selling author Phillip Yancey observes that Yeshua did not have a New Testament in His Bible.

The New Testament had not yet been written. But neither did His Bible have an Old Testament. No one thought of God’s eternal Word as an “Old Testament.” In the days of Yeshua, the Old Testament was simply called the Scriptures.

Today, some Bibles are printed without the Old Testament. They begin at the Gospel of Matthew. Even when our Bibles do contain the Old Testament Scriptures, they are not always read. Those books are typically regarded as a long introduction to Matthew. Though Christians study it in Sunday school and enjoy reading select stories, few regard the Old Testament as relevant for how to live the Christian life.

How sad to think that today’s followers of Yeshua today rarely read the Bible He read. We have surprisingly little interest in the Scriptures that shaped His life and teaching. We regard the Bible of Yeshua as irrelevant. But is it really?

Yeshua didn’t think so. He said that those Scriptures testified about Him. He quoted them in order to correct and rebuke people. He interpreted them to give His disciples guidance. He quoted verses from Deuteronomy to defeat the devil in head-to-head spiritual warfare. His first recorded words after His baptism are quotations from the Torah of Moses and His last utterance from the cross was a quotation from the Psalms of David.

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