Why Revelation 12?

With all this Revelation 12 rapture thing coming up in less than 2 weeks it’s interesting to note why God might have used chapter 12 to bring this about. I know chapters and verses weren’t in the original Bible but God does everything for a purpose so check this out:

If you take chapter 12 of the first 5 books of the Bible (the Torah) you can see an awesome parallel to Revelation chapter 12.

Genesis 12: Abraham exits Hanan (12:1)
Exodus 12: Israel exits Egypt (12:51)
Leviticus 12: child birth followed by 7 days of uncleanliness (12:2)
Numbers 12: A Jew marries a Gentile (12:1)
Deuteronomy 12: Israel possess the Promised Land (12:1)

Parallel that with Revelation 12:

1 – Man child (church) is born and leaves Israel
2 – Church exits the world by Harpazo
3 – 7 years of cleansing for Israel after rapture birth
4 – A Jewish King and Gentile Bride marry
5 – Church enters into the Promised Land

Credit to Paul Watchman Dawson