While World Watches ISIS, Boko Haram Declares Its Own Caliphate In Nigeria

Thee leader of the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram has established the world’s second Islamic “caliphate” this summer and is seeking to cement his bloody rule on a territory that is now roughly the size of West Virginia.

While much of the world has been focused on the brutal reign of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the forces of Boko Haram have been racking up victories in northern Nigeria and violently imposing an equally harsh version of Islamic law on approximately 3 million civilians – including beheadings, forced marriages and the forced induction of children into its military forces.

Most recently, the group’s fighters have seized two cities with a combined population of 600,000; nearly surrounded Maiduguri, home to about 1 million Nigerians; and sent government troops fleeing in scenes reminiscent of the rout of the Iraqi army by ISIS fighters this spring.

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