Where Do We Go From Here?

To the chagrin of many anxious prophecy watchers, the great stellar-planetary alignment depicted in Revelation 12:1–2 came and went on September 23, 2017 in an ostensibly uneventful manner (read “sans Rapture”). Many thousands of believers were so hepped up and so convinced the Rapture was a lock for September 23 or the several days immediately surrounding it that the disappointment felt throughout the Revelation 12 community was palpable, and was likely felt to some degree even by those who made it clear they were not expecting the Rapture to occur in that time frame, even though they took the REV12 sign seriously.

Ever since September 23, 2017 passed quietly into history, there has been what I can only describe as a mad scramble among many prophecy teachers and researchers to explain to everyone (a) why the Rapture didn’t happen on or around the September 23, (b) why whatever they said about September 23 and the REV12 sign is still valid and correct, and (c) why we should still be diligently scouring the skies for more astronomical clues as to exactly what will happen next and exactly when it will happen.

Along the same lines, one thing that has been conspicuously absent is a horde of people coming out and simply saying they were wrong. Color me surprised. What I have seen instead is a lot of people merely retooling their predictions and pressing ahead, focusing attention on the next Jewish feast or date of interest. Rinse and repeat.

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