Welcoming Committee…

I wanted to hear your guy’s thoughts on something my pastor said this weekend…. After giving a brief statement about the Las Vegas attack he moved into a question apparently many people have been asking him recently…
“Is this a sign that Jesus is coming back soon?”
He mentioned many of the events that have gotten our attention lately (Hurricanes, etc.) which have been pounding our country basically since the Eclipse. An undeniable increase in frequency and intensity of events that has even caught the attention of secular people who are essentially asking the same question stated above.

He continued on with a few sentences about how we always need to be ready and how we will not know when the return will be (You know, the typical mainstream, non controversial position that says be ready but don’t bother watching too closely because we just can’t know anything about the timing). But then he shared a comment that I cannot get out of my head… a comment I would like you to share here and get all your feelings on. This is essentially what He said…

“When it comes to The Lords return, I am not on the planning committee, I’m on the welcoming committee!”

What are your thoughts on this?

I think I understand his point, but here is the first thing that popped into my head when I heard that….

How do you plan a welcoming party if you have no idea when the person will arrive??

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