Venezuela’s Currency Is Now So Worthless That People Are Using It As Napkins

Venezuela’s Currency has been reduced to nothing but good napkins! According to Business Insider, There’s an image going round that sums up just how ridiculous Venezuela’s economy has become. A Reddit user uploaded a picture on Monday of a man using a 2 bolivar note to hold an empanada. According to Venezuela’s official bolivar-dollar exchange rate, the man using his money as a napkin is wasting about $0.31 (£0.20). But on the black market, the reality is completely different. You can get 676.88 bolivars to the dollar, according to That means holding food with a 2 bolivar note costs the holder less than a third of one US cent.’srt shows just how the value of the bolivar has plunged, with more and more units of the Venezuelan currency required to get hold of a single dollar.

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