Venezuelan Socialists Rewrite Lord’s Prayer: ‘Our Chavez, Who Art In Heaven’

The oppressive socialist regime governing Venezuela has gone through painstaking means to replace the nation’s storied Christian tradition with blind worship of deceased dictator Hugo Chávez, from filling the streets of Caracas with murals to teaching in children’s books that worshiping Chávez would bring “supreme happiness.” Now, a socialist activist speaking at a socialist party rally this week, comrade María Estrella Uribe, has debuted a reworked version of the Lord’s Prayer that omits the Christian God and replaces Him with Hugo Chávez. Uribe, calling it the “Delegate’s Prayer” and a “spiritual duty,” presents her prayer to the party, who listen in silence. The prayer begs Chávez to “lead us not into the temptation of capitalism” and “deliver us from … oligarchy.” The full text of the “prayer” states:

Our Chavez, who art in heaven, in the earth, in the sea, and in we the delegates
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy legacy come, for us to bring to the peoples of near and far
Give us this day your light to guide us daily
And lead us not into the temptation of capitalism
But deliver us from the malice of oligarchy
For ours is the nation,
The peace, and the life,
For ever and ever.

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