Unprecedented Flooding Has Hit the US in Last 30 Days

Over the past 30 days, major floods have hit the east coast, the west coast and now the middle part of the country. So why is this happening? Why is the U.S. being hit by so many catastrophic weather events all of a sudden? During the past month flooding has caused billions of dollars in damage, and in many areas the cleanup is going to take well into next year. Some pundits are blaming El Nino, but others are pointing to other potential reasons for why this may be happening. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the biggest flood events that have happened over the past 30 days.

Hurricane Joaquin never made landfall on the east coast, but moisture from the storm had a tremendous impact—particularly in South Carolina. In fact, the governor of the state said that the region had not seen that type of rain “in a thousand years.”

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