UK Man Going For A Run Is Attacked By Muslim Gang, He Converts To Islam On The Spot And The Muslims Stop Attacking Him

A jogger has told how he was almost drowned by a canal-path thug – and only escaped by speaking to them in Arabic.

Dad-of-two Lee Skinner, 38, was punched in the face and knocked into the freezing water as he ran past five hooded youths in Acocks Green .

As he struggled to get out of the cold, slippery canal the thug who punched him was waiting – until the former language teacher started speaking Arabic.

The shame-faced gang, all aged around 17, then fled the scene and the attacker is now being hunted by police.It was at this point that bilingual Lee began to speak in Arabic. He said: “I was able to identify them as Pakistani as I’ve worked in Muslim communities and have a detailed knowledge of Islam and speak Arabic to a certain level. I also used to teach asylum seekers for a while.

“So in that moment I said something in Arabic – a Muslim declaration of faith. As soon as I said it, a look of panic spread across their faces. I then shouted in Arabic, ‘May God forgive you’.

“At that moment they looked like a bunch of terrified schoolchildren. That’s what ended it. It would have been prolonged otherwise, I believe.

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