UK: Cornwall School Makes Field Trip To Mosque MANDATORY For Christian Students

After publicly humiliating children who didn’t want to go on a trip to visit a mosque, the governors of a small rural school in Cornwall have reacted to concerned parents fears of violence and indoctrination of their children by mosque leaders, not to mention all the worldwide negative news coverage of it, by making the trip mandatory for all students. (Time for parents to sue the school and refuse to send their kids to it until this obscene sharia-compliant policy is revoked). Earlier this week, it was reported that ten families had not given consent for their children to travel from Lostwithiel School in Cornwall to Devon to visit the Exeter mosque, citing fears about violence and danger to their children from Muslims. Governors have now told parents that absences from the trip will not be allowed, citing the importance of ‘promoting different faiths and ethnicities’ to school-age children. Earlier, school staff humiliated children who weren’t going on the trip by singling them out during assembly and asking them their reasons for not going on the trip.

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