U.S. Government Hands Over Internet To “Global Community”

The process has been put in place for the Internet to be handed over to the “global multi-stakeholder community” starting September 30, 2015. Why? Prophetically speaking, in order for a One World System to work globally and implement a controlled buying and selling “mark,” the administration of the Internet cannot be held by just one country. It has to be under the control of an organization that runs the world’s economy. How could this affect the every day user? Freedom of speech for one. The UN recently passed a resolution attempting to shut down any critics of Islam and Russia just spent the last 2 weeks locking out any websites that dissented from its military incursion into Crimea. That is just the beginning. After the church has been raptured, how many Christian websites do you think will still exist if the Internet is under the control of a global community uniting all religions into one under the Antichrist and False Prophet?

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