Two Terrorist Attacks In Jerusalem

In the space of a few hours, two Palestinian terrorist attacks occurred in Jerusalem, both in areas close to Arab districts. In the second, Monday afternoon, Aug. 4, a motorcyclist shot an Israeli soldier outside the tunnel leading to Mt. Scopus and Wadi Joz, injuring him seriously. As the assalant raced off, a passerby shot at him and missed. The soldier was evacuated with stomach wounds to the nearby Hadassah Hospital which shares Mt. Scopus with the Hebrew University campus. A large-scale hunt has been launched for the assailant. Three hours earlier, a 19-year old Palestinian rammed a heavy excavator into a number 2 bus, tipping it over on its side on the main road linking west and east Jerusalem. Fortunately, the bus was empty. However an Israeli man on the sidewalk was crushed to death. He has been identified as Rabbi Avraham Walz, 29, a member of the Toldot Aharon Hassidic community.

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