Two Muslims Approach A 14 Year Old Christian Boy

Two Muslims approached a 14 year old boy in Pakistan named Nuaman and asked him what his religion was. As soon as the boy said Christian, the two Muslim heretics poured kerosene on him and burned him alive. Thank God, the boy survived, and 55% of his body is burned. This is the cross that he is bearing, and he is deserving of a glorious crown in Heaven.

“I told them that I am Christian. They started beating me, when I tried running, both boys started following me through the street and then they threw Kerosene on me and burnt me… I kept on running when a heap of sand came my way, I lied down on the sand … [A] few people from the community … [extinguished] fire by putting sand on me. I became unconscious, and they called 1122 Emergency medical helpline and called [for] an ambulance.”

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