Two Analogies About The Rev12 Sign

There have been a couple analogies bouncing around in my head for a while and I want to get them out for you guys to ponder. My hope is that both of them COMFORT you. The first one is for those of you looking back and second guessing your approach to September 23rd. The second one is for those of us still looking forward and the process God is using to reveal His plans to us.

Analogy #1
Elementary School Evacuation

Imagine that there is a suspicious black duffle bag is partially hidden behind a trash bin in a elementary school. A few people walk past it and don’t even notice it. Another person walks by, glances at the bag but is too consumed with other things to bother thinking about it. Finally an observant teacher notices the bag and recognizes the potential situation and immediately acts. The teacher does not panic, but first cautiously examines the bag. He sees a few wires sticking out and hears some ticking inside. He cannot fully open the bag to see a timer, but clearly has seen enough evidence showing that this is a serious and urgent situation. He immediately warns the others around him and sprints to the administration office to inform the principal of the situation.

The observant teacher shares the info but surprisingly the principal dismisses the teacher and ignores the warning. The principal flippantly waves him off, warns him against making a commotion and doesn’t even bother to examine the evidence closely. Perplexed, the observant teacher decides to move forward evacuating the school on his own as he can’t risk the lives of the precious souls around him… What he saw with his own eyes was just too real to ignore.

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