Turkey And Iran Just Agreed To Play The Peace Brokers (Get Ready For The Seven Year False Peace Treaty)

The two regional powers, Turkey and Iran just met today to announce it is ‘peace in our times’. Last year we wrote: “We can already see, as we predicted at Shoebat.com, that Turkey and Iran will unite, despite their differences on Syria or that there is a Shiite-Sunni divide in the region.” And today, there is Erdogan with Rouhani on their way to consummate their marriage at the Saadabad Palace in Tehran right after the recent divorce with Erdogan’s aging lover, Saudi Arabia, which sent her emissary, Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Interior Minister Prince Mohammad bin Nayef al-Saud, just prior to Erdogan’s new wedding with Rouhani. The Prince, of course, was begging for attention since Erdogan’s aged lover, Saudi, fears her lovers are abandoning her one after the other. Now the two new lovers are holding hands, focusing on stopping the Shiite-Sunni divide while declaring to be the peacemakers in the region. Everything is going according what has been foretold.

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