Threats Of A New Intifada As Abbas Prepares To Give Israel Ultimatum In UN Speech

We could very well be seeing the initial events that will thrust the world into a “Prophetic War” mentioned in Psalm Chapter 83, Speaking of an Islamic Confederation that would come against Israel to attempt wipe her from the face of the Earth. Speculation continues to abound as to what Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will say during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. Mahmoud Habbash, Abbas’s confidant and a former minister of religious affairs, had previously threatened a “bombshell” would be dropped at the UN by Abbas but appears to have scaled back such rhetoric as the day of the speech approaches. Analysts speculate that much of Abbas speech will focus on the Oslo accords and Palestinian demands that Israel meet it’s obligations from the accord. At the center of Palestinian demands will be that all Israeli building expansion in Judea and Samaria be frozen in order to move forward with negations.

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