This Aerospace Program Brings Good News In More Ways Than One

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH), a ministry that distributes audio versions of the Bible in more than 900 languages, has launched an aerospace program that will expand its use of satellite technology to bring God’s Word to the most remote areas of the globe.

“God has always used technology to spread the Gospel, dating to Paul making his missionary travels on Roman roads in the first century,” said Troy Carl, the FCBH vice president overseeing the program. “Our plan, still in the preliminary stages, would use existing satellite and mobile-phone technology. In many of the villages where we work, kids don’t have shoes, but they have cellphones in their pockets.” FCBH’s aerospace program calls for a system of satellites that will be able to communicate with mobile devices even if they aren’t connected to the Internet, making the Bible available to the more than 5 billion people who are “unconnected.” According to the London-based media agency We Are Social, the number of mobile subscriptions worldwide is 98 percent of the population, with the percentage exceeding 100 in some highly developed areas.

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