The ‘Winter of Bias’ Against Israel Simply Won’t End

This week, the world was treated to one of God’s unusual creatures raising his head from the depth of darkness and poking its nose into its environs that’s seen by many as foretelling of things to come.

No, I don’t mean the unique American Groundhog Day ritual to see if spring will arrive soon or not. I am referring to U.S. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sticking his head into a place that underscores the decades of darkness and anti-Israel bias from which the United Nations has yet to emerge. It looks like winter will continue for some time.

Speaking at the U.N., and in a subsequent NY Times op-ed, Ban shows his preoccupation with the alleged “occupation,” using the term several times in just 750 words. He misrepresents reality in the Middle East in a way that would make Arafat blush.

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