The video is titled “Until All Religion Becomes Allah’s”

To the devil the destruction of the body is not as important as taking hostage your soul. The Muslims — who are under the control of the devil — did not kill the one who gave up his own soul to save his life, but the one who did not save himself and kept his own soul. This is the faith of the simple; the faith of the one who is like a child, who does not complicate everything through the self-inflicting ways of secular thinking. This is the faith of the one who will never betray his Father in Heaven, even at the point of death. “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.” (Matthew 10:39)

The Christian who was beheaded, to the earthly mind and eyes, was killed; but to the spiritual eyes, he is more alive than any of us right now; to the spiritual eyes, he knows more about God than anyone on earth; to the spiritual eyes, he has become united with Life Himself. Let us be reminded of Samson who, after losing his earthy eyes, finally saw God, and dying to himself, pulled down the pillars of tyranny, and sacrificed himself to destroy the works of darkness.

The story confirms what John in the Book of Revelation warned about: to take the mark of the beast and live or refuse and get martyrdom by beheading “and I saw the martyrs who were beheaded in the name of Jesus”.

This was the fate of the latter scene where that Sudanese said “I am Christian” refusing to budge.

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