The Pope Is Going To Heal The World’s Broken Economies?

In the March 2014 edition of the Philadelphia Trumpet is an interesting article on the Pope who has a plan to implement a global financial system. His system is very similar to Pope Leo XIII’s “Third Way” which is separate from the West’s capitalism and the Karl Marx-style socialism. Here’s a few of the points:


– Equality is a cruel illusion

– People hare happiest when placed in a social and political hierarchy shaped and guided by the Roman Church

– Competition is spiritually demeaning

– Corporations are run by Catholic leaders who manage the economy by setting quotas, prices, and wages.

– Corporations regulate individual behavior to protect the social order and standard of living for all

– Abuses of power are prevented by the superior elite


Welcome to the New World Order / One World Government / One World Currency of Revelation


Article Starts on Page 6 in the PDF Download