The Muslims Are Building The Tallest Tower In The World To Reach Heaven

Jedda is the entrance to Mecca and there, Saudi Arabia has embarked on building the tallest structure in the world. Currently Dubai boasts the tallest building and the mark of Islam is tweeted seen lit via LED screen, which is on the building itself as to appear from as far as the telescope can see Islam’s declaration. “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger” is the mark of Arabia, its kings and princes from Dubai and Saudi Arabia and all the way to Qatar. It is in the name of this emblem was shed the blood of millions of saints and now in Saudi Arabia, soon will crop out of the desert another ‘tallest building’ to resemble Islam’s pride and desire to break through the heavens. The Muslims are telling the world that ‘size matters’. Mecca has the largest clock in the world, Dubai has the second tallest building Khalifa Tower (The Tower of The Caliph), which houses the mosque on the highest pinnacle in the world and the building itself acts as the largest LED screen in the world (32,467 square meters). Mecca has the most massive structure ever built which sits on what they literally call Jabal Babel (Mount Babel) with the Seven Towers overlooking their effeminate cubic structure they call the Ka’ba. She is seen adorned with the largest in the world the purest quality silk Burqa etched with (from a Christian perspective) verses of blasphemy weaved with the purest silver and gold and made for the sole purpose to denounce the Trinity. The ‘purest’ ‘greatest’ ‘highest’ ‘richest’ ‘tallest’ ‘largest’ ‘most expensive’ ‘best’ ‘purest’… this is pride in its essence that is meant to blaspheme the truly Highest of all: The Triune God Himself.

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