The Man-Child Meets the Morning Star

Here we go again, but not really! I realize many have grown weary and skeptical, but the fact remains that here were are in a Post-Revelation-12-Sign-of-the-Woman moment and it has only begun. It is not over, and we are not there yet.

What has kept this fire going is knowing many of the pieces that have been put together over the years that are able to construct such diagrams as the one on the right. Timed with events in the heavens and specific themes of history, such as the ends of World War 1, World War 2, Israel’s Independence War, the Six-Day-War, the Israel-Hezbollah War, and even the end of Armageddon, the precision is astronomical. Actually it is beyond astronomical! It is knowing this that has kept the fire alive to these last possible moments.

This diagram is only but a sampling from the many things that have been calculated to the back end of Daniel’s 70th Week. This here has prevented “the can” being kicked down the road past November 19/20, 2017. That is because the 2,520 days or onset of that 70th week must begin at that time to keep all of the calculations correct. These calculations involve all pertinent history of Israel, both modern and ancient. It involves all four Tetrads. It correlates all five Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions. It factors in three solar eclipses and also other planetary conjunctions. Even the Great Pyramid was at play.

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