The Burden Of Damascus – Russian S400 May Speed Up Prophetic Timeframe

The strategic balance of power in the Middle East has shifted. The United States of America and their NATO partners have been comprehensively outmaneuvered. Israel has been comprehensively outmaneuvered. Russia has outflanked them all.

Russia has moved at a staggering pace effectively to invade and secure huge swathes of Syrian territory. Their military can now operate relatively unimpaired and without any decisive threats to them. From their base, carved out in and around Latakia, Russia has used huge force-projection by air to push back and diminish ISIS control and influence in Syria.

Russia has done more to degrade and defeat ISIS in a matter of weeks than America, Britain, France and all their other partners have managed in months.

This is a full scale invasion of Syria by Russia and, at this point, short of total war, there is almost nothing anybody can do to stop them. Russia is in Syria for the long term and each day that passes solidifies Putin’s grip on this strategically crucial country.

Putin’s long-term aims in Syria are also becoming increasingly transparent. A doomed Russian economy simply cannot support such a lengthy foreign military adventure, especially on such a vast scale. Putin and Russia are not in Syria to defend Bashir al-Assad or destroy ISIS as many are blandly stating; these issues are but a means to an end.

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