‘The Blasphemy Challenge’ Tempts Teens To Curse God

Though only 17, high school senior Perri Frost has met more than her share of atheists and agnostics. For several years she has been reaching out to fellow teens who are skeptics, including some who post videos on the internet insulting God.

“Some of the teens who seem most hostile toward God are the same ones who emphasize that they are rational thinkers,” she says. “It seems odd to want to insult Someone who supposedly isn’t there.”

Regarding the videos, Frost is referring to “The Blasphemy Challenge,” an Internet-related activity that encourages people to post a clip of themselves cursing God or renouncing the Holy Spirit’s work in their life. The more brazen clips include assertions that the person willingly accepts the consequences this action (including hell) incurs should it turn out that God does exist.

Here is an example clip from YouTube from with the description as “I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit. I accept the superstition upheld by many that I will burn in Hell. But, given pure logic and reasoning to detremine that Hell and Heavan cannot and do not exist, I do not fear it.”

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