The Attacks in Brussels and Paris, and Rome vs. Islam

So there I was this afternoon, watching the BBC News America (where a typical half-hour broadcast devotes one quarter of its time to the developing Signposts) and there in Brussels was a moment of silence to remember the victims of the latest bombings. How terrible and ghastly these attacks have become, seeming to happen every couple months now in Europe. The world witnesses these random acts of the snuffing out of lives of those living in a peaceful society.

What struck me was the scene with all these people laying down flowers, burning candles, huddling together in a moment of “solidarity” with sad or expressionless faces. There was no visible outrage. There was no sense of vengeance or justice, just the promises by the authorities to chase down the last man responsible.

Europe is a continent that was torn down, and almost destroyed itself in two world wars. It then endured the cold war with the iron curtain coming down right through its heart. And now they have their Union with 28 member nations all getting along – the backlash from a century of war. And they have their socialism so they all can lead safe and comfortable lives while their nations’ governments grapple with increasing mountains of debt.

If Europe was truly the future power base of the Antichrist, wouldn’t it at least have some vestige of outrage calling for a military confrontation? Why aren’t the Germans, French, Belgians, Dutch and Brits calling for forming a 200,000-man army and smashing the teeth in of Islamic State, the source du jour of Islamic jihadists, um, I mean, terrorists? It’s because Europe is simply not the future power base of the Antichrist. Islam is.

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