Terrorist Hears Gospel Radio, Rejects Jihad For Jesus Christ

“Tragically, terrorism is an all-too-present reality for Nigerians today,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “But even as Boko Haram carries out unspeakable violence, demolishes villages and upsets national elections, the terror group does not have the power to shake the heart-peace that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings. The Tide ministry has been sharing the gospel in Nigeria since 2009, and we’ve seen its power not only to bring peace and transformation but even to rescue those who were themselves once committed to jihad.”

Indeed, one Muslim listener heard The Tide ministry program in the Hausa language, the official language of Islam in Nigeria. Although a believer in jihad, he was challenged by the message of hope and peace that only Christ can offer. He responded to the gospel message, called the number at the end of the program and is now a follower of Christ.

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