Terror Threat ‘Unprecedented,’ New Attacks Inevitable

According to new reports from RT News, French security officials have warned more jihadist attacks are expected in the country as the level of terrorist threat has “reached a level without precedent.” Counter-terrorism officials described the threat as “permanent”. “Not one day goes by without an alert, the discovery of a network trying to send people to Syria or Iraq, or an intervention (by the security services),” a high-level official from the Defense Ministry of France told AFP on condition of anonymity. According to the source, there are currently around 4,000 people who are “identified or suspected of evil intentions” in France. These aren’t just amateurs, they include some highly educated people – “pros, not drop-outs,” he added. The French security services are forced to “play catch-up” with the terrorists as they “use the best encryption and concealment techniques,” the official stressed. “Every time we get our hands on a network, we see they are each using seven or eight SIM cards, changing them constantly. And the most cunning don’t go near phones at all – they use messengers,” he said.

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