‘Super-Gonorrhoea’ Outbreak Across North Of England Sparks National Alert

An outbreak of highly drug-resistant gonorrhoea has been detected in the north of England, triggering a national alert. Fifteen cases have been detected by Public Health England (PHE) so far, the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV said. Reports to PHE’s sexually transmitted bacteria reference unit (STBRU) of cases of the infection being highly resistant to the azithromycin drug have previously been rare, it added. The outbreak, which was first detected in Leeds in March, has since spread – with cases reported in patients from Macclesfield, Oldham and Scunthorpe. All of the cases involve heterosexual patients, and some people have reported partners from other parts of England. Around 10 per cent of men and almost half of women with gonorrhoea do not experience symptoms – meaning the condition can go untreated for some time.

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