Sudanese Christian Gives This Warning To The World Out About Sudan: “The Government In Sudan Wants To Islamize The Whole Population And They Want To Finish Off Christianity”

Sometimes the greatest patriots don’t even live in their own countries.

Take Pastor Strong, a Sudanese believer with a passion for his God and his people. Strong and his team are working with refugees and communities to spread the truth and hope of Christ, though pressure from the local government can present a serious challenge.

“The government in Sudan wants to Islamize the whole population and they want to finish off Christianity and other faiths in Sudan,” Strong says. “We have to put pressure on the government so that the rights of the people to practice their faith openly will be given to them.”

For that, they need the support of the global Church, especially believers in the West. For now, “They are in the midst of trials, persecution, hunger — a lot of problems. And yet in the midst of all that, they rejoice.”

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