Sudan Fears Muslims Will Be Led to Jesus, ‘Declares War Against Christians’: Pastor

A Christian pastor in Sudan says the government has “declared war against Christians” because it’s fearful Muslims will be led to Jesus Christ, which is the reason why pastors are being imprisoned and churches are being demolished in the Islamic nation.
Persecution watchdog group International Christian Conern’s East Africa team interviewed two Christian pastors from South Sudan on behalf of The Christian Post, both of whom were previously imprisoned in Sudan for their faith, who spoke about the separation of the two countries in 2011.

“When South Sudan got independence in 2011 I moved with my family to Juba in 2012 so that I can establish myself there,” Pastor Michael Yat told ICC in response to CP’s questions.

“In 2014, I travelled back to Khartoum to take up a new assignment with the South Sudan Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Little did I know that Sudan had declared war against Christians. So, I was arrested the second day after preaching in a certain church in Khartoum. That is when I was put in jail that lasted me nine months.”

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