Study: Blood on Shroud of Turin suggests victim was tortured

A new study conducted on the at Shroud of Turin, believed by many Christians to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, suggests the person whose image it bears went through intense physical suffering, literally torture, before death and being buried.
The Daily Mail reports that two Italian academics, Elvio Carlino of the Institute of Crystallography in Bari and Guido Fanti from the University of Padua, recently published a study that shows the linen cloth bearing the image of a man believed to be Jesus Christ contains “nanoparticles” consistent with the blood of a torture victim.

“These findings could only be revealed by the methods recently developed in the field of electron microscopy,” Elvio told the publication.

The researchers specifically addressed claims that the face of Jesus was painted on the cloth.

They said particles of this kind would be impossible to forge unless using cutting-edge modern technology, so the allegations it was painted in the 13th or 14th century to inspire devotion cannot be substantiated.

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