“Very strange. In the last days of the Shemitah, two striking signs. A storm causes destruction on Islam’s central mosque in Mecca (on Sept. 11). At the same time a rainbow appears (Sept. 10) over the tower at Ground Zero,” he said. “Many immediately took this as a good sign. Yet, it was not long ago that America desecrated the sign of the rainbow by using a vessel of God to celebrate the Supreme Court’s striking down the biblical definition of marriage.” The White House played a leading role in this desecration as President Obama ordered it to be lit up in the colors of the rainbow to celebrate the decision. Cahn, who also authored the 2012 bestseller “The Harbinger,” which posited that the nine warning signs or “harbingers” of ancient Israel’s judgment in 586 B.C. were now appearing in America, says the White House was not the sole actor in this desecration. “It was not only the White House that was lit up – the Tower at Ground Zero, one of the nine signs of judgment in ‘The Harbinger’ was also bathed in the colors of the rainbow,” he said. “And now on 9/11, God causes a real rainbow to cover the tower – I wouldn’t take that as a ‘good sign.’”

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