Starfish Now Devouring Themselves As Life On Planet Earth Reaches Crisis Point

What is going on in the global environment that is causing starfish to consume themselves? Could it be that contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticide chemicals, radiation and other pollution are reaching levels significant enough to affect entire species? As reported by Yahoo Travel and the UK Daily Mail, marine biologists are alarmed by an epidemic of colorful starfish essentially committing suicide along the Pacific coast of North America. Dubbed “the Wasting,” officials say that the phenomenon has been playing out over at least the past two years. Scientists have discovered that starfish all along the Pacific coast from Mexico to Alaska are devouring themselves. Yahoo Travel noted that the story began to gain some national attention a couple of years ago, but now scientists are resolved to find out what is going on. Recently, a VICE report stated that a virus was identified within many of the species that are dying. However, the virus has been present for about seven decades, so its discovery in this case has led to more questions than answers. “There’s some trigger, probably an environmental trigger,” Rebecca Johnson, a Citizen Science Research Coordinator at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, told Yahoo Travel.

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