Starfish From Canada To Mexico Are Dissolving Into Goo

Sometimes it’s freaky to think about the ocean you swim in being full of weird creatures — what if a fish touches you? What if you step on a crab? But nobody frets about starfish. Starfish are universally popular — they’re cool, they don’t bite, they’re the easiest sea creature to draw. Unfortunately, they’re all dissolving into disgusting piles of goo now. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Starfish along the Pacific Coast from Alaska through Canada and California and into Mexico are rotting alive, and scientists are baffled. Oregon is concerned that the mystery disease will wipe out the entire starfish population in the state. One marine ecologist at the University of British Columbia said he used to see up to 1,000 starfish along a 50-meter stretch of beach; now, he’ll see maybe one

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