South Carolina’s Catastrophic Floods, Most Prolific Rainfall Events In Modern U.S. History

The catastrophic floods striking South Carolina will go down in the history books, not only because of the lives they’ve taken or the destruction they’ve wrought, but also because of the sheer amount of rainfall. By the time the last raindrop is counted, the October 2015 storm will go down as one of the most prolific rainfall events in the modern history of the United States. Rainfall totals from the early October storm have shattered or jeopardized countless records in South Carolina.

The official statewide 24-hour rainfall record was exceeded in several locations; an official determination may take months to complete.
The unofficial state record for 5-day total rainfall, which had stood for 107 years, has been surpassed at more than a dozen reporting sites.
The rainfall exceeded that of any tropical cyclone in South Carolina history
Six sites with more than 50 years of data have had their wettest Octobers on record.
The October monthly precipitation record for any location in the state has likely been broken.

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