Soldiers Charge Into Church During Service And Slaughter Six Innocent Christians

Soldiers in Nigeria charged into a church during the service and began to slaughter innocent Christians, killing six people and injuring three more, just this Sunday.

The Soldiers went to the premises of St. Peters Catholic Church in the Gidan-Waya area to set up a temporary stop and search check point in front of the church as service was taking place.

According to Christopher, a resident of Gidan-Waya

It all started when a soldier who has been in the area went to the Church’s watc men popularly known as Cadet and ordered them to dismantle the temporary check point during the church service. The boys refused the soldier’s order on the excuse that church service was on and that they will do so as soon as service is over. But dissatisfied with the explanation, the soldier went back and mobilised his other colleagues who came and started firing at the local guards. The gunshot automatically ended the church service. Women and youths immediately reacted to the shooting by confronting the soldiers and as a result one soldier and three other civilians got wounded

We should be thankful to live in the West, where we can go to church without having to worry about soldiers killing us.

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