Shocking ISIS Video Clip Creators Were Eliminated From The Air

Yesterday, two ISIS terrorists were eliminated in an aerial attack in western Iraq. What appeared to be like a routine incident in the struggle against the murderous terror organization turned out to be the targeted elimination of the ISIS film industry, of which two of those killed was the creators of ISIS video clips. RT reported that among the eliminated were Abu Mahmoud Al Suri and Abu Usama Al Ameriki, who were professional film-makers. They were in the city of Fallujah when they were eliminated from the air. According to appraisals in the country, the two were responsible for some of the cruel propaganda video clips produced by the terror organization, including the beheading of captives in Syria and Iraq. In Iraq, it was reported that at least 28 ISIS terrorists were eliminated in recent days, but the news about the elimination of the film clip producers is considered an operational achievement. Experts within the country explained that the “two were part of a murderous industry that shocked and spread terror that was distributed in social media in order to glorify the name of the terror organization.”

*This is only an operational achievement because our “leaders” have taken out the source that is disproving their claim that Islam is a peaceful religion. The beheadings and massacres will not stop even if they are not being filmed and released to the public.

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