Scissor-Wielding Teen Girls Arrested For Park Muggings

Two 15-year-old girls threatened to stab people with scissors if they didn’t hand over their cell phones and wallets in a Washington Heights park, police said.  The victim, 47, was in the park when he was approached by the teens and two young men, police said. One of the men eyed the victim’s iPhone, telling him “Nice phone” before demanding he give it up, police said. That’s when one of the girls drew a large pair of scissors and threatened to stab the man, who picked up a stick to try to defend himself, according to police. Just minutes later, the group confronted a 24-year-old woman sitting on a park bench. One of the teen girls placed her in a chokehold while the thieves rummaged through her purse and stole her makeup, keys and a wallet with $450 inside, police said.

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