School Says 7 Year Old Blind Girl’s Walking Cane Is A Risk To Students

A blind 7-year-old girl who is learning to get around using a walking cane has been asked by her school not to bring it in anymore out of “health and safety” concerns to her fellow students, making her mother furious. Lily-Grace Hooper, of Bristol, England, suffered a stroke when she was four days old, leaving her blind out of one eye and only able to see lights and colors in the other, the Bristol Post reports. She received a new fiberglass cane from a charity for blind children earlier this year, but now Hambrook Primary School is asking her not to bring it to the facility. A risk assessment done on behalf of the school by Sensory Support Service, which describes itself as an organization aimed at “supporting children and young people with a sensory impairment,” according to its website, said the cane is a high risk for other people around her and Lily-Grace should have adult support at all times.

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