Saeed Abedini: Here’s Proof the Antichrist Spirit Roams in the United States

Former imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini says the Antichrist spirit roams in America.

He says he saw 1 John 4:3 evidenced as the courts tried block Donald Trump’s immigration freeze.

“I have a serious problem with some law and court system in our country and I believe if this could be continue [sic] we would see Christians go to prison or be punished for standing for their biblical beliefs,” Abedini writes. “Did you know Muslim countries like Iran when they persecute Christian they take them to court and make them guilty by using law against them?!”

Abedini was tortured and abused in an Iranian prison for nearly four years for preaching the gospel.

“That can happen here, too if we don’t change something from the basic in so many levels in court system,” Abedini says. “In last years so many Christians has [sic] been sued, fined or drug to court and lost their businesses and families and money and they went trough so much pain because they were standing for their biblical beliefs and that was the starting of persecution to Christians in America and we saw Muslim were NOT the only people who persecuted Christians but liberals and seculars too, some times [sic].”

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