Russia To Retaliate Against The US Over Sanctions, Troops And Warheads Ready

In its bid to impose more sanctions on Russia for its actions concerning Ukraine, the US Congress approved unanimously a new set of provisions over the country. Russia warned the West previously that if it pushes through with the bill then it will retaliate accordingly. There are now concerns about Russia’s next move. The sanctions cover lethal weapons and similar aid for Kiev. The passing of the bill goes against President Barrack Obama’s stand. Previously, the president clarified that he does not want to push for additional sanctions unless the rest of Europe is on board with it. According to Yahoo News, identical documents on the Ukraine Freedom Support Act were passed to the House of Representatives and Senate last December 11. However, due to some technical issues, the document needed to be returned to the Senate. The bill gained unanimous consent before the session was adjourned last Saturday. The decision now falls on Obama on whether he will veto or sign the measure. The White House did note that the office is reviewing it already.

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