Rise Of The Insect Drones

Being a fly on the wall in that highly guarded, closed or exclusive location used to be the stuff that daydreams were made of. Not any longer, though. Indications are that the U.S government now has increasingly advanced secret miniature drones, capable of spying on people and activities. These ‘robobug’ drones then record and transmit, or deliver sensitive private information that can be downloaded in the form of images, videos, and sound. They can even be programmed to kill. According to a New York Times estimate a year back, the Pentagon then had about 7,000 aerial drones in its inventory, compared with fewer than 50 a decade ago. The drones are usually designed in the form of natural insects such as moths, hawks and other inhabitants of the natural world. They are also virtually impossible to discern using the naked eye. So that seemingly beautiful, strong hawk that you see in the sky just might be minding your very personal business rather than any real ‘bird business’.

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