The purpose of this illustration is to consider this possible scenario given the ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly appearing in the constellation Virgo currently mirroring the vision
or Biblical ‘sign’ of Revelation 12. The actual prophetic patterns of the imagery might correlated to the one occurring in 2017. Every Fall, the imagery of the Dragon
at the feet of Virgo with Sun at head and Moon at feet presents itself to varying degrees in Virgo. The most precise one will occur on September 2017. Could this
‘sign’ be associated in some way of the impending Rapture of the Church. Many see the Rapture as part of the vision that matches to the REVELATION 12 symbolism.
The areas of the Dragon anomaly are covered up or patched up by GoogleSky. One of the ways to actually see what is behind this patched-out area is to use
SkyView by NASA. SkyView is a Virtual Observatory on the Net that generates images of any part of the sky from wavelengths to all regimes from Radio to GammaRay
depiction based on filters. When one views these images in various filters, one can see that the actual color of this anomaly in Virgo is ’red’ and it does look
very menacing as it appears to have a face like a dragon with 2 profound eyes with a grin of all things. It is very intriguing. As to what it is, the astronomical scientific
community are keeping a low profile about it. Many just dismiss it as just anomaly. Regardless, it appears to correspond to the Biblical sign in the Heavens.

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