“Relationships With Jesus Are Dangerous”: Pope Breaks From Tradition As Claim Issued

Pope Francis issued some very troubling instructions to followers recently. He warned his flock to turn away from “having a personal relationship with Jesus,” adding that it “is dangerous and very harmful.” The speech was caught on tape, sparking fears among many that this pontiff is fulfilling terrible prophesies.

Speaking to 33,000 Christians in Rome, the man who has been declared a heretic by some leaders said that a “personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus must be avoided at all costs.” Many people wonder why he would promote an ideology that is contrary to scripture. The Catholic leader explained that no one can truly be a follower on his or her own, believers must rely on the church only for their salvation.

This is just another confusing instance of Pope Francis’ odd adjurations to followers. He recently told La Repubblica that the United States has “a distorted vision of the world.” He added that U.S. citizens must be subjected to a one world government “for their own good.”

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