Prophetic Dream Regarding Israel

(By Pastor TD Hale) WOW! I just come out of a dream concerning Israel. I saw the biggest and I mean biggest pressure cooker over Israel. It was as if a loud voice said, “place it upon the heat, for now, is the season for my people to see the ancient words of my prophets come to pass.” I saw an angel walk over to an ancient cooking fire of stones and placed that pressure cooker on top of those stones. I saw it begin to heat up and started to make a noise. Off in the distant, I saw a mighty angel with a very stern look on his face. He stood there as if waiting on orders. He had a writers ink horn in his hand. A mighty voice from the Heaven’s said, “I hear the cries coming from the depths of their souls. The time will shortly be upon the ancient ones to place my mark.” I kept hearing that word “ancient” often through this dream.

Soon I was standing close to the Temple Mount, when a mighty earthquake shook the ground I was standing and I could feel it under me shaking until I felt like I was swaying. I look and it was so violent that I begin to look for buildings to see the power of this quake, what it would do. I looked towards the Temple Mount and saw the Mosque of Omar begin to crumble, stone upon stone started to burst under the pressure of this quake and it finally fell apart and broke apart with dust flying upward and debris of all kinds going up, falling down as dust flooded the area where I was standing. Soon I heard voices of loud rejoicing and I turned to see where it was coming from, there stood hundreds gathering of Jews standing and rejoicing that this Temple had fallen but there stood the Muslim men weeping like women, shooting their guns in the air but the rejoicing overtook their cries.

When that happen, a mighty voice spoke and said, “Walk forth throughout the land, seal the ancient ones.” The angel that stood so stern as a flash of light, flow with great speed and I saw him begin quickly to place a mark/seal on the head of the ancient ones. From weeping, soon it turned to anger and rage fell upon these Muslims and now it was time for revenge. They blamed it upon the ancient ones and sought how they will take revenge upon them but they were waiting for their leader to give them the commands of some sort. I turned back to see this pressure cooker again and when I did, it blew apart, it blew up and all the contents within flew across Israel. Whatever it was, the contents stirred up the ancient ones and war broke out. All I could see for miles was war, fighting, bloodshed. Soon, this strong leader stepped up and I knew it was the antichrist and my heart sunk. In the dream, fear hit me so bad, I started fighting to wake up and I did. I did not want to see anymore.

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