Painful Mosquito-Borne Disease Now Infecting More Than 350,000 People In The Americas

Marqui Ducarme is aided by his wife after contracting the Chikungunya virus at his home in Port-au-Prince, May 23, 2014. The painful mosquito-borne virus called Chikungunya is spreading quickly through the Caribbean, causing alarm in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic. The first report of chikungunya in the Americas surfaced in the Caribbean in December 2013. By March, there were 15,000 such reports. Now, according to the latest numbers from the regional office of the World Health Organization, there are 350,580 suspected cases of this incredibly painful viral infection. Chikungunya is spread by mosquitoes. It involves a sudden fever and, in most cases, severe joint pain that usually lasts a few days but has been known to continue for months and even years. There’s no cure, but doctors can help relieve the patient’s symptoms.

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